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Miami Heat unveils pink ‘Sunset Vice’ uniforms

Add another Vice jersey to the collection.

The Heat unveiled its “Sunset Vice” collection on Wednesday afternoon, as part of the Nike Earned Edition uniforms for teams that made the playoffs last season. It marks the first time an NBA team will wear an entire uniform that’s laser fuchsia, a color that’s close to pink.

The Heat will wear the “Sunset Vice” look in three home games: Dec. 26 vs. Raptors, Dec. 28 vs. Cavaliers and Dec. 30 vs. Timberwolves.

“You ask did that excite us or did that frighten us? I think it’s probably a little bit of both,” Heat chief marketing officer Michael McCullough said when asked if the organization was hesitant to create the NBA’s first pink jersey. “Obviously the color, the laser fuchsia, is a big part of the whole Vice campaign.

“When Nike came out with the Earned Edition concept and the whole concept was that you were going to take the City Edition and flip it, and we had already flipped our white to black, we knew right then this is where laser fuchsia comes in and gets its day in the sun. I’m not going to lie, though, we did have some trepidation. But the excitement outweighed it. It ended up being such a unique look, and really a Miami-kind of look.”

The “Sunset Vice” uniform drew mixed reactions from Heat players.

Udonis Haslem said: “Pink is not my color.”

Josh Richardson saw a positive in wearing the bright color: “We shouldn’t have a problem with turnovers, throwing it to the other team.”

“Basketball operations is the key and we always want to make sure that we’re not ever deviating from the main thing,” McCullough said of getting the laser fuchsia uniforms approved by the basketball operations side. “But of course, we showed it to Pat [Riley] and to Nick [Arison] and to Andy [Elisburg] and to Erik [Spoelstra], and everybody over there.

“I think from our standpoint, we’ve been able to build up some equity with basketball operations from the marketing standpoint. I think that they’re willing to give us a little leeway because of that equity. I would say, this is one of those cases where they’re like, ‘Hey, if you think this is good, then we’ll support you’ kind of a thing. We appreciate them allowing us to flex our creativity a little bit.”

According to a press release issued by the team, “very limited quantities of the Sunset Vice jersey will be available for purchase online exclusively at” on Dec. 19 at 10 a.m. Sunset Vice jerseys purchased online at The Miami Heat Store will begin shipping to purchasers Dec. 26.

All other Sunset Vice merchandise will be available for purchase both online and at all The Miami Heat Store locations also on Dec. 19th at 10 a.m.

The Heat’s Vice campaign, which began last season, now features three different uniforms. The first was released last season and is white with pink, black and powder blue accents.

The second uniform was unveiled in November, the black “Vice Nights” City Edition look. This season’s black uniform is “with the classic Heat silhouette from 1988 colored in laser fuchsia and blue gale, and features the original Miami Arena script across the chest and a re-imagined Heat ball and flame logo sporting the Vice Nights color combination,” according to a press release issued by the team.

The Heat has worn the black Vice jersey in six games this season, and is 0-6 in the uniform. The slump prompted a change, as the team switched the “Vice Nights” look to wear its alternate red uniforms for a three-game stretch that it was scheduled to sport the black Vice jerseys. Miami went 2-1 after the change.

The Heat is scheduled to wear its “Vice Nights” uniform again when it returns home from its current six-game trip — Dec. 20 vs. Rockets and Dec. 22 vs. Bucks.

With three Vice jerseys already out there, what’s next for the campaign?

“We’re thrilled where things are right now,” McCullough said when asked that question. “The great thing about Nike and their City Edition concept is you can’t rest on your laurels because next year is another something you have to unveil. We’re already at work on uniforms for future years. … We’re already at work on whatever is next.”

The team has launched a website,, to showcase the new campaign.

Here’s a look at the new uniform …


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