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Miami Heat reveals black ‘Vice Nights’ City Edition uniforms

The Heat’s popular Vice uniform is back, but with a twist.

After wearing white uniforms in the first year of the Vice campaign last season, the Heat unveiled its black “Vice Nights” City Edition uniform Monday. This season’s black uniform is “with the classic Heat silhouette from 1988 colored in laser fuchsia and blue gale, and features the original Miami Arena script across the chest and a re-imagined Heat ball and flame logo sporting the Vice Nights color combination,” according to a press release issued by the team.

“I think it’s better than the white ones,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said Monday. “The white was cool. But I think the black is what everybody has been waiting for. So, it’s dope. And I can’t wait for everybody to go out and purchase them and get an opportunity to rock them when we rock them.”

There will also be a Vice court this season matching the campaign’s theme when the Heat sport the jerseys for games at AmericanAirlines Arena. This wasn’t the case last year, when the traditional Heat court was used on Vice nights.

“That’s the coolest thing,” Wade said when asked about the new Vice court, which is set to be unveiled later this week. “It’s not just the jersey, but to be able to go all in, all the way around. That makes it even more of a special night, when we get the opportunity to get on the court. I think it’s going to bring some excitement to even the players. So it will be cool to the fans, definitely, to come in and feel a different environment, a different vibe.”

The Heat will debut the new look Friday when it takes on the Pacers at AmericanAirlines Arena. Miami is scheduled to wear the new Vice uniforms in 15 games this season — Friday vs. Pacers, Saturday vs. Wizards, Monday vs. 76ers, Nov. 18 vs. Lakers, Nov. 20 vs. Nets, Nov. 27 vs. Hawks, Nov. 30 vs. Pelicans, Dec. 2 vs. Jazz, Dec. 4 vs. Magic, Dec. 20 vs. Rockets, Dec. 22 vs. Bucks, Feb. 23 vs. Pistons, Feb. 25 vs. Suns, Feb. 27 vs. Warriors, and April 7 at Raptors.

“This was kind of a two-year process, where we knew we wanted to come out with the white uniforms first to set the tone and introduce the concept of Vice,” Heat chief marketing officer Michael McCullough said. “And then the black uniforms second would give us a chance to really change the story to have a completely different narrative and different feel to the campaign than what we had with the white jerseys. This was a one-two punch that was planned from the start.”

Nike and the Heat had trouble keeping up with the demand for Vice jerseys last season and deliveries were delayed. But that won’t be the case this year.

“There won’t be the same kind of issues from a delivery standpoint that we experienced last year with the uniforms due to production,” McCullough said. “Now, fans will be able to come right into the store, in any of our store locations, and walk right out with the jersey. Or if they buy it online, they will be able to have normal shipping expectations, which was not the case last year.”

The Heat is holding a Midnight Madness event at AmericanAirlines Arena, which is set to begin at 12:01 a.m. on Friday. Fans at the event will have a chance to be the first to purchase “Vice Nights” merchandise, including jerseys, and to experience other surprise “Vice Nights” activations happening exclusively at the arena.

The uniform was designed in-house by Heat graphic designer, Brett Maurer, and “inspired by Heat history and the city of Miami in the 1980’s, according to the press release.

The team has launched a website,, to showcase this season’s Vice campaign.

“We don’t want to take it for granted,” McCullough said. “We really want people to be excited about the campaign. So we’re trying to go above and beyond so people really feel like we’re not just kind of trotting out a new color. This is really a whole separate campaign with some really exciting elements as part of it.”

Here’s a detailed look at the new uniform …


The Heat unveiled its black “Vice Nights” City Edition uniform Monday.

Courtesy of Miami Heat David Alvarez


A look at the Heat’s new “Vice Nights” uniform unveiled Monday.

Courtesy of Miami Heat David Alvarez


A look at the Heat’s new “Vice Nights” uniform unveiled Monday.

Courtesy of Miami Heat David Alvarez

DAV_5510 copy.jpg

The Heat debuted the “Vice Nights” uniform Nov. 9.

David Alvarez Courtesy of Miami Heat

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