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ASK IRA: Would a parting benefit both the Heat and Wayne Ellington?

Q: Why do we even have Wayne Ellington, if Erik Spoelstra is too stubborn to play him? — David.

A: Again, I believe “stubborn” is too strong a word, because with every player you add to the rotation, it means fewer minutes for others, or perhaps being removed from the rotation entirely. So less Justise Winslow? Less Josh Richardson? Less Tyler Johnson (who has been shooting 3-pointers at an Ellington-like pace)? Less Derrick Jones Jr.? Less Rodney McGruder? And the thing is, Ellington hasn’t been in the rotation even with Dion Waiters and Goran Dragic out, with it looking like Waiters could be back as soon as Wednesday in Cleveland. Considering the number of contenders who covet shooting, it would appear the value play would be a trade. And perhaps that’s where this is headed, because I would think Wayne would rather be elsewhere playing than with the Heat and watching, a key factor considering he has veto power on any trade. I’d say at this point that the odds are just as strong that Wayne realizes playing time elsewhere as he does with the Heat.

Q: Is Chris Bosh auditioning for a job on the Heat bench? He was a cerebral player; it would be interesting to see him coach. Last season, Juan Howard interviewed for a head coaching job. — Stuart.

A: I think Chris has too many eclectic interests to lock himself back into an NBA schedule. That likely is a reason he moved on from NBA TV’s “Players Only” coverage. Chris would be a terrific coach. He would be an excellent executive. He has the intelligence to solve problems on a level far more complex than the NBA. He is qualified to enter politics. He probably is too intelligent to be President.

Q: The Heat are a game under 500. Just as in the past few years they figure to end the season right around .500. Despite the growth of some players there doesn’t seem to be any improvement in the results. Based on the talent on the Heat versus other teams in the East, sixth place is the upside for this group and ninth is probably the downside. – Joel.

A: Correct. There is only a certain level a team can consistently reach without a superstar. The Heat are just about at that level. Follow him at or

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