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ASK IRA: Justise Winslow or Goran Dragic as Heat’s starting point guard?

Q: I’m sorry, but Justise Winslow should not start when Goran Dragic returns. God bless Justise, but he is not ready and Goran is clearly the better option at the point guard spot. The Heat were at their best with the 7/Eleven backcourt. — Jessie,

Q: I don’t think you interfere with Justise Winslow’s growth at point guard for the sake of playing Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters 30-plus minutes. I mean Justise just had 11, 11 and 5. That’s 11 rebounds from your point guard. — Douglas.

A: It is a debate that likely will grow more intense and partisan as Goran Dragic makes his return from his December knee surgery, a return that, based on the Heat’s preset timetable, appears to be imminent. But there also is another way out: Yes, another lineup change. Because Erik Spoelstra’s has been adamant about position-less, you could start both Goran and Justise, with Justise defending at power forward. That would allow Goran to still run the transition fast break and then allow Justise to direct the halfcourt offense. But I do agree that having Goran, Dion Waiters and Justise on the floor together could be too many chefs. So, ultimately, it may come down to one backcourt of Waiters-Dragic and one of, say, Winslow-Wade. What the Heat need most of all is to get their best players on the court as often as possible.

Q: The Heat should target Gordon Hayward for a package of Ryan Anderson, centering around Kelly Olynyk, James Johnson or Dion Waiters. — Gabriel.

A: As most know, I generally avoid trade suggestions because there is so much going on behind the scenes that never comes out. This, though, intrigued me, based on the current notion that Boston needs more supporting pieces than leading men, and based on how it has not gone to this point with Gordon Hayward. But remember, Ryan Anderson, even though he can be waived by July 10 for cap savings, still is a $15.6 million cap hit for 2019-20. But Olynyk could well intrigue the Celtics, based on his previous time there under Brad Stevens. Hayward will be an interesting name this offseason, particularly if the Celtics deal for Anthony Davis (and if Hayward is not part of such a deal). But such a hypothetical move by the Heat also would effectively remove the Heat from any of the approaching free-agency periods (unless Hayward were to opt out of his $34 million in 2020-21). So there is that, as well.

Q: It’s ridiculous to keep letting Bam Adebayo’s development get in the way of grabbing the W. — Darryl, Fitzgerald, Ga.

A: Again, that all comes down to what this season is about. If it’s about development, then concessions have to be made. Follow him at or

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