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ASK IRA: Is it Michael Beasley time again for the Heat?

Q: Ira, the Heat have struggled to score at crunch time all season: 11 points in fourth quarter vs. the Pacers, 13 Friday night in Sacramento. It is Michael Beasley time. We need someone that can score. It is 2019 in NBA and everyone is scoring 100-plus per game. We will not and cannot expect to win scoring in the 90s. Let’s go get scoring. Beasley! — Brian, Boca Raton.

A: Look, no one appreciates the Super Cool experience more than myself. And Michael Beasley does have a knack for getting buckets. But even when the Heat have brought Michael back during previous tours under Erik Spoelstra, the minutes have been scant. That said, to your greater point, it would be nice to have someone capable of offering relief points beyond Dwyane Wade. Then again, it also comes down to what this season truly is about. And if it’s about development, then you might as well allow Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow to either shoot the Heat in or out of games.

Q: We need a backup point guard. — P.G.

A: Yes. (A true backup point guard, someone with the innate ability to create something out of chaos, get a team into offense as the clocking is dwindling and the pressure is rising.)

Q: Ira, so we signed Wayne Ellington before the season knowing he would put us over the tax, then didn’t ever play him. Trade him and Tyler Johnson and from what I understand we are still over the tax. I am really unclear what the direction of team is. — Mike.

A: That’s the thing, so were the Heat, unclear about whether Justise Winslow would blossom into a primary ballhandler or Derrick Jones Jr. would bloom into a rotation player. So they brought together as many prospects that could give them a chance and then dealt with the consequences. Until you get into the repeater tax, the tax is mostly a financial nuisance. In the end, the Heat had to decide who was going to play and who wasn’t. Follow him at or

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