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ASK IRA: Have Vice Nights gone dark for the Heat?

Q: Backup point guard? That’s not the solution. Gotta burn those Vice Nights uniforms. They’re a nice marketing ploy, but what’s better — a few extra bucks in the coffers or a few Ws in the record? It’s obvious that the team doesn’t realize who they are in the fancy garb. Put them in red and they realize they’re the Miami Heat. — Mary, Bethlehem, Pa.

Q: Do you think the new colors and design of Heat uniform brought bad luck? I’ve noticed that they lost more games when they wearing this pink coloring than the old ones since last season. By the way, I prefer the old ones. — Xiaolun, Pensacola.

Q: How about getting rid of this Vice Nights stuff? The era of drugs, killing and social corruption and nastiness. This is sports, not what I mentioned. — Masoud, Tucson, Ariz.

A: It’s funny, because I’ve always felt the red uniforms did not rank all that high on the preference scale when including the black uniforms and other alternate models. But at this point, do the Heat dare tempt the fates? Perhaps we need to think of the Vice Nights uniforms as limited-edition (more limited than initially thought) collector’s items, a brief run of something truly unique. I do wonder when, of if, the basketball side will allow the players to be seen in them again. But I can assure you, the temporary move away from them has nothing to do with social issues, just good-old-fashioned karma.

Q: Riley needs at least a 10 day Band-Aid player. — Skip, Tampa.

A: I agreed previously. But if Tyler Johnson and Derrick Jones Jr. are back, then there should been enough perimeter depth, even with the Heat waiting on Goran Dragic and Rodney McGruder.

Q: When does Yante Maten get his chance? — Mark.

A: When needed, which does not appear to be the case at the moment. Both of the Heat’s two-way players are forwards, when including Duncan Robinson, and with the return of James Johnson and the struggle to find playing time for Hassan Whiteside, Bam Adebayo and Kelly Olynyk, something likely will have to give for minutes to open for Yante. In that respect, the 45 NBA days on his two-way are better left for a time when the Heat’s injury bug inevitably gets around to the frontcourt. Follow him at or

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